Kvantum Phantazy: Cool backgrounds pictures - Free abstract wallpaper. Energy of mind is the money of the business of the future - 960x640 wallpapers for free download

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Kvantum Phantazy: Cool backgrounds pictures - Free abstract wallpaper. Energy of mind is the money of the business of the future 960x640

Backgroud? Bacground? Backgound? Backgroun? Background! Walpaper? Walpapers? Wallpapers!

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960x640 Android full size wallpaper for 480x640 Devices:

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Abstract colors wallpapers. Free abstract wallpaper. Modern abstract art. Bright colorful backgrounds. Colorful wallpaper free download.

Imagination and knowledge are the currency of tomorrow. Creating abstract picture takes: point, line, curves, shape, pattern, texture, composition + fantasy + color. The main colors mixed for the creation of this work of art: Kileauea Volcano night #dd5b09 · Spring Waters of Laspi #10dde2 · Bordeaux 1 #5c0120 · That Old Feeling #a5162d · Gueules #e21313 · Mercury #e5e5e5 · Gamboge #e49b0f · Dark fuchsia #9d0759 · Roman #de6360 · Quiet Nights #610061 · Resene Kidman #ccb7b9 · Cocktail party #c7a63d · Middle Red Purple #a55353 · Rubine red #d10056 · Pinky purple #c94cbe · Barney purple #a00498 · Hawaiian Tan #9d5616 · Purple 1 #660099 · Plump Purple #5946b2 · Morning Glory #9edee0 · Fountain Blue #56b4be

This picture was inspired by chess game I played online:

July 01, 2015 :: John Doe vs Andrew Karpov

ECO D00: Queen's pawn opening, Chigorin variation

1. d2-d4 d7-d5 2. Nb1-c3 e7-e6 3. a2-a3 c7-c5 4. e2-e3 Ng8-f6 5. f2-f3Nb8-c6 6. Bf1-b5 c5xd4 7. e3xd4 a7-a6 8. Bb5xc6+ b7xc6 9. Ng1-e2 c6-c5 10.e1-g1 c5xd4 11. Qd1xd4 Qd8-c7 12. Qd4-d3 a6-a5 13. Bc1-e3 Bc8-a6 14. Qd3-d2Bf8-d6 15. h2-h3 e8-g8 16. Qd2-d4 Bd6-e5 17. Qd4-b6 Qc7xb6 18. Be3xb6Ba6xe2 19. Nc3xe2 Be5xb2 20. Ra1-a2 Bb2-e5 21. Bb6-d4 Be5xd4+ 22. Ne2xd4Rf8-c8 23. Ra2-b2 Rc8-c3 24. Rb2-b3 Ra8-c8 25. Rf1-b1 Kg8-f8 26. Rb3xc3Rc8xc3 27. Rb1-b3 Rc3-c5 28. Kg1-f2 e6-e5 29. Rb3-b5 Rc5-c8 30. Nd4-e2Rc8xc2 31. Rb5xa5 d5-d4 32. Ra5-a8+ Kf8-e7 33. Kf2-e1 d4-d3 34. Ne2-g3Rc2xg2 35. Ng3-e4 Nf6xe4 36. f3xe4 Rg2-e2+ 37. Ke1-d1 Re2xe4 38. Kd1-d2Re4-d4 39. a3-a4 e5-e4 40. a4-a5 e4-e3+ 41. Kd2-d1 d3-d2 42. a5-a6 e3-e2+ White resigns

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