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How to start an art collection? What are the best artists to invest in now?
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Original abstract art pictures presented by the author + 15 puzzle game. Abstract colors wallpapers. Modern abstract art. Colorful wallpaper free download.

Imagination is necessary in any human activity. In our fleeting and mundane world, people rarely have the opportunity to turn on your fantasy. We give you the opportunity now. Relax. Think of this image and use your imagination to explore your inner unknown world, uncover the treasure of your creativity!

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Kvantum Phantazy: Cool backgrounds pictures - Genuine images, Free abstract wallpaper.

Contemporary art remains the most volatile market.

Imagination and knowledge are the currency of tomorrow. Creating abstract picture takes: point, line, curves, shape, pattern, texture, composition + fantasy + color. The main colors mixed for the creation of this work of art: Vivid green #2fef10 · Lightish green #61e160 · Rice terrace #55e106 · Victoria Regia Aquatic leaf #9df7a2 · Resene Fruit Salad #4ba351 · Malachite casket #2aeb5a · Hawaii sky #58f1f6 · Silhouette Beyond the Sea #5bf3a3 · Aigue-marine #79f8f8 · Summer Waters of Batiliman #8ef7f8 · Water Leaf #a1e9de · Alaska Aurora Borealis #28a420 · Bright cyan #41fdfe · Aux Bahamas #00fbff · Idyllic Paradise #1d9fe5 · Light grass green #9af764 · Take Me where spring lives #14eea5

Light gives to the image a charm or takes it away. People from time immemorial attached special importance to reading the language of colors. Bright artwork. Wallpaper 7375972: Composition. Artistic image. Properties of light. Abstraction is simply a look at usual things with different eyes. Reflection. Mix. Softness. Grunge. Creative strategies in design. Soft. Blend. Color spectrum. Freshness. Simplicity. Decor with accent. Patterns of life. Vibrant colors. In our fleeting and mundane world, people rarely have the opportunity to turn on your fantasy. Mixture. Colorful images - Colorful hd wallpaper free download. Rusty. Creativity ideas. Illustration work. Flamboyant. Craft. Concept. Funky. Artwork design. Stain. Brilliancy. The color plays in human life an important role. Elegance. Glare. Smooth. Visual imagery relaxation. Contemporary art. Art textures. Canvas. Bright artwork. In art it is preferable to be rather restlessly bizarre than perfectly cold. Visual effect. Multicolored. Flow. Fresh. Decorative arts. Modern art. Dynamic. Shapes art

I use chess to awaken my imagination. It stimulates my creative juices.

This picture was inspired by chess game I played online:

September 26, 2015 :: Andrew Karpov vs John Doe

ECO C20: King's pawn game opening

1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. d2-d4 Nb8-c6 3. d4-d5 Nc6-b8 4. Ng1-f3 d7-d6 5. Nb1-c3Ng8-f6 6. Bf1-c4 Bc8-g4 7. h2-h3 Bg4xf3 8. Qd1xf3 Nb8-d7 9. e1-g1 Bf8-e710. Bc1-e3 b7-b6 11. Bc4-b5 e8-g8 12. Bb5-c6 Ra8-b8 13. b2-b4 h7-h6 14.Ra1-b1 a7-a6 15. Qf3-e2 b6-b5 16. a2-a4 Nd7-b6 17. a4xb5 a6xb5 18. Rb1-a1Nb6-c4 19. Be3-a7 Black resigns

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Why invest in art now? Bright colorful backgrounds. Color is life, it gives us strength, recovers, treats and delights. Originality does not rule out simplicity. Does it pay to invest in art?

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Nothing in the image does not attract us as much as true wonderful color. Art sometimes do not tolerate strict analysis, like the lyrical works. Digital photography tours - Fine art photography galleries. Digital online media, Web art gallery - digital photography 7375972: Ancient symbolism of colors and their interpretation of different cultures is confirmed by modern theories of the relationship of color and emotions. The smart person sees an immeasurable area of wonderful possibilities, and a dull fool considers possible merely what exists.

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